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1940 IPs for a BHEK/ULocker server - Nexcess-NetKafeineULocker
A DDoS family affair: Dirt Jumper bot family continues to evolveCurt WilsonArbor SERTDirt Jumper
Dirt Jumper September
Di BoTNet
A chat with NGR BotChong Rong HwaInfoSec InstitudeDorkbot
A new iteration of the TDSS/TDL-4 malware using DGA-based command and controlDamballaTDL-4
A peek inside the Darkness (Optima) DDoS BotDancho DanchevWebrootDarkness
A peek inside the PickPocket botnetDancho DanchevWebrootPickPocket
A quick update on spambot KelihosAbuse.chKelihos
A study on botnet detection techniquesHaritha.S. Nair
Vinodh Ewards S E
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications
Acquisition and analysis of volatile memory from Android devicesJoe Sylve
Andrew Case
Lodovico Marziale
Golden G. Richard
Actually, my name is Duqu - Stuxnet is my middle nameSergei ShevchenkoBAE Systems stratsecDuqu
An analysis of Dorkbot’s infection vectors (part 2)Horea CoroiuMicrosoft Malware Protection CentreDorkbot
An analysis of the cross-platform backdoor NetWeirdRCLysa MyersIntegoNetWeird
An interesting case of JRE sandbox breach (CVE-2012-0507)Jeong Wook (Matt) Oh
Chun Feng
An overview of exploit packsMila ParkourContagio
Analyse de Xtreme RATRootBSDMalware.luXtreme RAT
Analyse et poncage du botnet HerpesNetRootBSDMalware.luHerpesNet
Analyse statique de Duqu stage 1Paul RascagnèresMalware.luDuqu
Analyse statique de Duqu stage 2RootBSDMalware.luDuqu
Analysis of DarkMegi aka NpcDarkKimberlyStopMalvertisingDarkMegi
Analysis of TDL4Sergei ShevchenkoBAE SystemsTDL-4
Analysis of Ysreef (a variant of Tobfy)Hugo CaronMalware.luYsreef
Analysis of a “/0” stealth scan from a botnetAlberto Dainotti
Alistair King
Kimberly Claffy
Ferdinando Papale
Antonio Pescapé
Analysis of functions used to encode strings in Flame (GDB script)RootBSDMalware.luFlame
Analysis of the Finfisher lawful interception malwareClaudio GuarnieriRapid7Finfisher
Analyzing a new exploit packDarrylKahu Security
Anaru malware now live and ready to stealJoji HamadaSymantecMaistealer
Android malware pairs man-in-the-middle with remote-controlled banking trojanCarlos CastilloMcAfee LabsFakeToken
Android trojan used to create simple SMS spam botnetAndrew ConwayCloudmarkSpamSoldier
Android.Bmaster: A million-dollar mobile botnetCathal MullaneySymantecBmaster
Android.Counterclank found in official Android marketIrfan AsrarSymantec
Anonymous supporters tricked into installing ZeuS trojanSymantecZeuS
Análisis del comportamiento de VOlk y sus funcionalidadesFernando CatoiraESETVOlk
Apple releases Java update; includes fix for vulnerability exploited by Flashback malwareIntegoFlashback
Apple zombie malware 'NetWeird' rummages for browser and email passwordsPaul DucklinSophos LabsNetWeird
Armenian Bredolab creator jailed for computer sabotageChristopher BrookKaspersky labBredolab
Attackers place Command and Control servers inside enterprise wallsBrian PrinceSecurity WeekWaledac
AutoIT ransomwareHugo CaronMalware.luRansom.II
Back to Stuxnet: the missing linkAleksKaspersky labFlame
Behind the Captcha or Inside Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 - Exploit Kit Administration PanelKafeine
Blackhole & Cridex: season 2 episode 1: Intuit spam & SSL traffic analysisAndré M. DiMinoCridex
Blackhole Ramnit - samples and analysisMila Parkour
Blackhole exploit kit v2 on the risePradeep KulkarniZscaler
Blackhole, CVE-2012-0507 and CarberpDavid Harley
Aleksandr Matrosov
Bot shopping with my wifeLuis CorronsPanda LabsAinslot
BotGrep: finding P2P bots with structured graph analysisShishir Nagaraja
Prateek Mittal
Chi-yao Hong
Matthew Caesar
Nikita Borisov
BoteAR: a “social botnet”- What are we talking aboutJorge MieresKaspersky labBoteAR
Botnet command server hidden in TorTSGDataSkynet
Botnet shutdown success story - again: disabling the new Hlux/Kelihos botnetStefan OrtloffKaspersky labKelihos
Boxer SMS trojan: malware as a global servicePablo RamosESETBoxer
Bredolab botmaster ‘Birdie’ still at largeBrian KrebsKrebs on SecurityBredolab
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