Bredolab botmaster ‘Birdie’ still at large

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Bredolab botmaster ‘Birdie’ still at large
Bredolab botmaster birdie still at large.png
Botnet Bredolab
Malware Zbot
Botnet/malware group
Exploit kits
Distribution vector
Operation/Working group
Date 2012 / March 21 2012
Editor/Conference Krebs on Security
Link (Archive copy)
Author Brian Krebs


Employee and financial records leaked from some of the world’s largest sponsors of spam provide new clues about the identity of a previously unknown Russian man believed to have been closely tied to the development and maintenance of “Bredolab,” a massive collection of hacked machines that was disassembled in an international law enforcement sweep in late 2010.

Bredolab's grew swiftly after Birdie introduced his load system. In October 2010, Armenian authorities arrested and imprisoned 27-year-old Georg Avanesov on suspicion of running Bredolab, a botnet that infected an estimated 3 million PCs per month through virus-laden e-mails and booby-trapped Web sites. The arrest resulted from a joint investigation between Armenian police and cyber sleuths in the Netherlands, whose ISPs were home to at least 143 servers that were used to direct the botnet’s activities.


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