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A template to aid switching the font-size used for a text string.



N specifies a size, such as "95%", "1.2em", etc. If N is omitted, as in the second line above, a default 90% size is applied.

If text happens to contain an equality sign ("="), specify {{resize|N|2=text}} or {{resize|1=text}}.


{{resize|1.2em|This text is 0.2em larger than normal.}} Template:Resize
{{resize|80%|This text is 80% normal size.}} Template:Resize
{{resize|This text defaults to 90% normal size.}} Template:Resize

Tailored shortcuts

Named alternatives
{{small|…}} = {{resize|85%|…}} 
{{smaller|…}} = {{resize|90%|…}} 
= {{resize|110%|…}}
{{big|…}} = <span style="font-size:120%;">...</span>
{{large|…}} = <span style="font-size:large;">...</span>

See also

  • {{huge}} for diacritic marks only; similar to {{big}} but considerably larger and also compensates for vertical alignment.
  • {{color}} to add a span of text with a given foreground color.
  • {{background color}} or {{background}} to add a span of text with a given background color.