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1940 IPs for a BHEK/ULocker server - Nexcess-Net +Blackhole  +


An overview of exploit packs +RedKit  +, NeoSploit  +, Cool Pack  +,
Analyzing a new exploit pack +Styx  +
And real name of Magnitude is.... +Magnitude  +
Angler Exploit Kit – Operating at the Cutting Edge +Angler  +


Behind the Captcha or Inside Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 - Exploit Kit Administration Panel +Blackhole  +
Black Dragon: "... and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings" +Black Dragon  +, Blackhole  +
Blackhole & Cridex: season 2 episode 1: Intuit spam & SSL traffic analysis +Blackhole  +
Blackhole Ramnit - samples and analysis +Blackhole  +
Blackhole and Cool Exploit kits nearly extinct +Blackhole  +, Cool Exploit Kit  +, Angler  +
Blackhole exploit kit v2 on the rise +Blackhole  +
Blackhole, CVE-2012-0507 and Carberp +Blackhole  +
Bleeding Life Exploit Pack +Bleeding Life  +


CVE-2012-4681 - On its way to Sakura Exploit Kit too +Sakura  +
CVE-2012-4681 - Redkit Exploit Kit - I want Porche Turbo +RedKit  +
CVE-2012-4681 - Связка Sweet Orange +Sweet Orange  +
CVE-2012-5076 - Massively adopted - Blackhole update to 2.0.1 +Blackhole  +
CVE-2013-1493 (jre17u15 - jre16u41) integrating exploit kits +Cool Exploit Kit  +, Sibhost  +
CVE-2013-2465/CVE-2013-2471/CVE-2013-2463 integrating Exploit Kits -- jre7u21 CVE- jre6u45 and earlier +Styx  +, Sibhost  +, X2o  +,
CVE-2015-0311 (Flash up to integrating Exploit Kits +Angler  +, Nuclear Pack  +, RIG  +,
Carberp + BlackHole = growing fraud incidents +Blackhole  +
Cool EK : "Hello my friend..." CVE-2012-5076 +Cool Exploit Kit  +
Cool Exploit Kit - A new Browser Exploit Pack on the Battlefield with a "Duqu" like font drop +Cool Exploit Kit  +
Cool exploit kit - URL structure +Cool Exploit Kit  +
Critroni crypto ransomware seen using Tor for command and control +Angler  +
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