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Adavanced form of banking trojans' toolbox: * Remain invisible to the user * Modify account balance / hide illegitimate transactions * Check balance / Conduct wire transfers  +
Backconnect is based on the concept of reverse proxying, in which the reverse proxy agent takes requests from the servers and forwards them to the machines present in the internal network. When the infected system is situated behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) bridge, malware authors implement the backconnect module.  +
DDoS feature  +
Banking malware collect online banking credentials or help criminals take control of existing connections.  +
Proposes a Bitcoin payment as a method to collect a ransom (or fake fine).  +
The 2019/2020 COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic resulted in a number of related or co-occurring attacks and malware operations  +
Monitor camera activity  +
"Microsoft Windows provides an interface for inter process communication. It allows developers to control the objects of other applications. This technology, called COM, can be used to control Internet Explorer. It’s very useful for malware developers because it allows them to manipulate the browser that is being used by a legitimate user."'"`UNIQ--ref-00000000-QINU`"'  +
Contact theft on mobile devices or from online accounts/storage.  +
The malware is able to infect executables for different platforms: 64 and 32 bit, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android...  +
Bug reporting mechanism, used to improve the malware ...  +
Detecting debugging features (debug, winpcap, ...)  +
A record + NS record hosted on a FastFlux botnet  +
These botnets are also called "loaders" and are used for pay-per-install operations.  +
Using dynamic DNS providers such as dyndns(dot)com  +
Encrypt the master file table (Microsoft Windows NTFS)  +
Fast flux is a DNS technique used by botnets to hide phishing and malware delivery sites behind an ever-changing network of compromised hosts acting as proxies.  +
File download and install / execute  +
DDoS by GET flood  +
Generic routing encapsulation  +