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 Feature category
.cerberFile extension
.lukitusFile extension
AES encryptionEncryption
AOL password theftData theft
AffiliationCommercial model
Anti-virus blockingArmor
Anti-virus checkingCriminal services
Anti-virus uninstallArmor
ApacheKillerDenial of service
Automated transfer system (ATS)Injections
BIOS installationRootkit
Backconnect serverBackdoors
Bandwidth floodDenial of service
Banking credential theftData theft
Base64 encodingEncoding
Bebo password theftData theft
Bitcoin miningResource exploitation
Bitcoin paymentMonetization
Bitcoin wallet theftData theft
BooterDenial of service
Browse file systemsData theft
Browser password theftData theft
Brute-forceDistribution vector
Bullet-proof hostingCriminal services
CAPTCHA display to solveResource exploitation
Camera captureAudio visual
CardingCriminal services
Certificate theftData theft
Check CPU name in registryArmor
Chrome browser extensionData theft
Click fraudResource exploitation
Command shellRemote control
Component Object Model (COM)Tunnel
Contact theftData theft
Cookie theftData theft
Credit card checkingCriminal services
Credit card data theftData theft
Custom C&C encryption algorithmEncryption
Custom XOR-based encryptionEncryption
Custom encryption algorithmEncryption
Custom packerPackers
DDoSDenial of service
DNS blocking of AV companiesArmor
DNS configuration modificationTraffic hijacking techniques
DNS hijackTraffic hijacking techniques
Data compressionEncoding
Data theftData theft
Debugging detectionArmor
Decryption of locked filesAnnoyance
Disable network adaptersAnnoyance
Display advertising pop-upsMonetization
Display pop-up messageAnnoyance
Document theftData theft
Domain generation algorithmDNS and URL features
Double fastfluxDNS and URL features
Dynamic DNSDNS and URL features
Dynamic webinject configuration updateInjections
Elliptic curve encryptionEncryption
Email harvestingData theft
Email password theftData theft
Email surveillanceInterception
Email wormDistribution vector
Encrypt MFTAnnoyance
Encrypt filesAnnoyance
Encrypt without C&C connectionAnnoyance
Encryption of captured dataEncryption
Erase filesAnnoyance
ExchangeCriminal services
FTP client password theftData theft
FTP password theftData theft
Facebook password theftData theft
Facebook vectorDistribution vector
Fast fluxDNS and URL features
File downloadRemote control
File executeRemote control
File theftData theft
File uploadRemote control
FileZilla password theftData theft
Firefox cookie theftData theft
Firefox password theftData theft
Form data theftData theft
ForumCriminal services
Friendster password theftData theft
GET floodDenial of service
GRE floodDenial of service
Gmail spamSpam
HTTP floodDenial of service
HTTP password theftData theft
HTTP proxyProxy
Handle generation algorithmDNS and URL features
Hidden file storageArmor
Hosts modificationTraffic hijacking techniques
IM password theftData theft
IM surveillanceInterception
Internet Explorer password theftData theft
JDownloader password theftData theft
JPEG encodingEncoding
Java Signed Applet Social Engineering Code ExecutionInjections
Javascript injectionInjections
Kill system processesRemote control
KitCommercial model
Launch delayArmor
Layer 7 attackDenial of service
Lock systemAnnoyance
Luhn algorithm checkData validation
MBR installationRootkit
MBR overwriteAnnoyance
MSN vectorDistribution vector
MTAN interceptionInterception
Mail client password theftData theft
Man in the browserInjections
Memory scrappingData theft
Microphone captureAudio visual
MoneXy paymentMonetization
Monitor mouse eventsArmor
Mozilla Sqlite data theftData theft
Mozilla browser extensionBrowser extensions
Netflix password theftData theft
Network information gatheringMaintenance
Network sniffingInterception
Open website in browserAnnoyance
Outlook password theftData theft
POP3 password theftData theft
POST floodDenial of service
Password theftData theft
Pay-per-installCriminal services
Paypal password theftData theft
PharmingTraffic hijacking techniques
Phone homeMaintenance
Pidgin password theftData theft
Port scanningMaintenance
Premium SMSMonetization
Premium callsMonetization
Premium servicesMonetization
Produce spam from templatesSpam
Query system processesRemote control
RC4 encryptionEncryption
RDP vectorDistribution vector
Register as print processorArmor
Regular expression filteringData validation
Remote controlRemote control
Removable drive vectorDistribution vector
Removal of competing malwareArmor
Right-to-left overrideDistribution vector
Run commandsRemote control
SMS interceptionInterception
SMS paymentMonetization
SMS spamSpam
SPDY grabbingInterception
SQL InjectionDistribution vector
SYN floodDenial of service
Screen captureAudio visual
Search results manipulationTraffic hijacking techniques
Send spamSpam
Sendspace password theftData theft
Server-side polymorphismArmor
Shared drive vectorDistribution vector
Skype surveillanceInterception
Skype vectorDistribution vector
Slow POSTDenial of service
SlowlorisDenial of service
Social network vectorDistribution vector
Software ID theftData theft
Startpage modificationTraffic hijacking techniques
Store data in ADSArmor
String stackingArmor
System information gatheringMaintenance
TCP floodDenial of service
TDSCriminal services
Torrent vectorDistribution vector
Traffic distribution serviceCriminal services
Twitter password theftData theft
Twofish encryptionEncryption
UDP floodDenial of service
UPX PackingPackers
UPX ProtectorPackers
URL redirectionTraffic hijacking techniques
USB vectorDistribution vector
Upload minidumpMaintenance
VNC password theftData theft
VNC serverBackdoors
Video screen captureAudio visual
Virtual machine detectionArmor
Visual Basic crypterPackers
Vkontakte password theftData theft
Voice-over-IP surveillanceInterception
Web password theftData theft
Web serverResource exploitation
Windows products ID theftData theft
Winpcap interceptionInterception
WoW password theftData theft
WormDistribution vector
XOR encodingEncoding
YIM vectorDistribution vector