Carberp gang evolution: CARO 2012 presentation

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Carberp gang evolution: CARO 2012 presentation
Botnet Carberp
Botnet/malware group
Exploit kits
Distribution vector
Operation/Working group
Date 2012 / 29 mai 2012
Editor/Conference ESET
Link ( Archive copy)
Author Aleksandr Matrosov


In 2011 we made available a presentation from the 2011 CARO workshop in Prague about the first phases of our investigation into the Win32/Carberp cybercrime group (Cybercrime in Russia: Trends and issues). CARO Workshops are unusual in that they do not permit media to join and because they follow a strict no recording policy during talks, all of which makes them a really good place to present investigation results to researchers who are prepared to give their closest attention and make the best of the opportunities for live discussion.

This year we have continued our investigation into the Carberp group with Dmitry Volkov, of Group-IB, and have presented the results of subsequent research. The Carberp cybercrime group is one of the most complex and powerful groups working in the banking fraud field and concentrating on attacks on major Russian banks and payment systems, or rather their clients.


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