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Analysis of a stage 3 Miniduke malware sample +White paper  +
Analysis of the malware of Red October - Part 1 +Blogpost  +
Analysis of the malware of Red October - Part 2 +Blogpost  +
Analysis: Malware Win32/Rimecud.B +Blogpost  +
Analyzing a new exploit pack +Blogpost  +
And real name of Magnitude is.... +Blogpost  +
Android Marcher now marching via porn sites +Blogpost  +
Android RATs branch out with Dendroid +Blogpost  +
Android trojan used to create simple SMS spam botnet +Blogpost  +
Andromeda 2.7 features +Blogpost  +
Angler Exploit Kit – Operating at the Cutting Edge +Blogpost  +
Another family of DDoS bots: Avzhan +Blogpost  +
Anunak:APT against financial institutions +Tech report  +
Apache binary backdoors on Cpanel-based servers +Blogpost  +
Apple took 3 years to fix Finfisher trojan hole +Blogpost  +
Avalanche phishers migrate to ZeuS +Blogpost  +
Avatar rootkit: the continuing saga +Blogpost  +


Backdoor uses Evernote as command and control server +Blogpost  +
Bitcrypt broken +Blogpost  +
Black Dragon: "... and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings" +Blogpost  +
Blackhole and Cool Exploit kits nearly extinct +Blogpost  +
Bot Roast II nets 8 individuals +Press release  +
Bot herders build newer versions of previous botnet Waledac +Blogpost  +
BoteAR: a “social botnet”- What are we talking about +Blogpost  +
Botnet command server hidden in Tor +Blogpost  +
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