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A new iteration of the TDSS/TDL-4 malware using DGA-based command and control +TDL-4 (bot)  +
A study of the Ilomo / Clampi botnet +Ilomo (injecteur)  +, Ilomo (bot)  +
All-in-one malware: an overview of Sality +Sality (bot)  +
An Analysis of the iKeeB (duh) iPhone botnet (Worm) +IKee.B  +
An interesting case of JRE sandbox breach (CVE-2012-0507) +ZeuS  +
Analyse of the sample cdorked.A +Cdorked.A  +
Analysis of the Finfisher lawful interception malware +Finfisher (bot)  +
Analysis: Malware Win32/Rimecud.B +Rimecud.b  +
Android.Bmaster: A million-dollar mobile botnet +Bmaster  +
Android.Counterclank found in official Android market +Counterclank  +
Anonymous supporters tricked into installing ZeuS trojan +ZeuS  +
Anunak +MBR Eraser  +
Apache binary backdoors on Cpanel-based servers +Cdorked.A  +
Apple releases Java update; includes fix for vulnerability exploited by Flashback malware +Flashback (bot)  +
Apple took 3 years to fix Finfisher trojan hole +Finfisher (bot)  +


Back to Stuxnet: the missing link +Tocy.a  +
Battling the Rustock threat +Kelihos  +, Renos  +, Winwebsec  +,
Battling the Zbot threat +ZeuS  +
BlackEnergy competitor – The 'Darkness' DDoS bot +Darkness (bot)  +
Blackhole & Cridex: season 2 episode 1: Intuit spam & SSL traffic analysis +Cridex  +
Blackhole Ramnit - samples and analysis +Ramnit  +
Bot of the day: Ramnit/Ninmul +Ramnit  +, Ninmul  +
Bot shopping with my wife +Ainslot.L  +
Bredolab botmaster ‘Birdie’ still at large +ZeuS  +


Carberp-in-the-Mobile +Citmo  +
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