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"Crypto Ransomware" CTB-Locker (Critroni.A) on the rise +Kafeine  +
"NetTraveler is Running!" - Red Star APT attacks compromise high-profile victims +GReAT  +
"njRAT" Uncovered +Fidelis  +


'Tigger' trojan keeps security researchers hopping +Tim Wilson  +


1940 IPs for a BHEK/ULocker server - Nexcess-Net +Kafeine  +


A DDoS family affair: Dirt Jumper bot family continues to evolve +Curt Wilson  +
A ScarePakage variant is targeting more countries : impersonating Europol and AFP +Kafeine  +
A case study on Storm worm +Thorsten Holtz  +, Moritz Steiner  +, Frederic Dahl  +,
A chat with NGR Bot +Chong Rong Hwa  +
A peek inside the Darkness (Optima) DDoS Bot +Dancho Danchev  +
A peek inside the PickPocket botnet +Dancho Danchev  +
A study of the Ilomo / Clampi botnet +Alice Decker  +, David Sancho  +, Max Goncharov  +,
A study on botnet detection techniques +Haritha.S. Nair  +, Vinodh Ewards S E  +
APT1: technical backstage +Malware.lu  +, Paul Rascagnères  +
AbaddonPOS: A new point of sale threat linked to Vawtrak +Darien Huss  +
Acquisition and analysis of volatile memory from Android devices +Joe Sylve  +, Andrew Case  +, Lodovico Marziale  +,
Actually, my name is Duqu - Stuxnet is my middle name +Sergei Shevchenko  +
Adobe Flash Player 0-day and HackingTeam's Remote Control System +Sergey Golovanov  +
Adrenalin botnet. The trend marks the Russian crimeware +Jorge Mieres  +
Advancing the fight against botnets with consumer notifications +Kevin Sullivan  +
Aldi Bot - bka.de DDoS +Y0y0bkabkay0y0  +
Alina: casting a shadow on POS +Josh Grunzweig  +
Alina: following the shadow part 1 +Josh Grunzweig  +
Alina: following the shadow part 2 +Josh Grunzweig  +
All-in-one malware: an overview of Sality +Nicolas Falliere  +
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