Apple took 3 years to fix Finfisher trojan hole

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Apple took 3 years to fix Finfisher trojan hole
Botnet Finfisher
Malware Finfisher (bot)
Botnet/malware group
Exploit kits
Distribution vector
Operation/Working group
CCProtocol HTTP
Date 2011 / 2011-11
Editor/Conference Brian Krebs
Link (Archive copy)
Author Brian Krebs
Type Blogpost


The Wall Street Journal this week ran an excellent series on government surveillance tools in the digital age. One story looked at FinFisher, a remote spying Trojan that was marketed to the governments of Egypt, Germany and other nations to permit surreptitious PC and mobile phone surveillance by law enforcement officials. The piece noted that FinFisher’s creators advertised the ability to deploy the Trojan disguised as an update for Apple’s iTunes media player, and that Apple last month fixed the vulnerability that the Trojan leveraged.


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